About Me


I am a product designer with 12 years of experience creating thoughtful customer focused products. The past six years have been spent building mobile e-commerce apps for an amazing company, Sincerely.

When I first started at Sincerely, I was the only product designer. This allowed me to lead in the design of the logo, gift box (both inside and out), and the app for Sesame Gifts. Through A/B testing, our team developed growth experiments, product features, and marketing initiatives that increased Ink Card revenue by 600%. My tenure at Sincerely has allowed me to grow into Sincerely’s Director of Product Design and Marketing where I manage and mentor two UX/UI designers, two marketing managers, and the card design manager.

Before Sincerely, I was a designer at AKQA and Fuszion Collaborative in the DC area. I worked with clients such as Delta, Ubisoft, Bethesdasoft, VW, and Time Warner.

My free time is spent outdoors with my wife and two year old daughter. If there is spare time, it is spent on my bike and playing disc golf.

How I approach a problem:

  • I try to understand the root of a problem by looking into existing user behavior and survey data.
  • I sketch out solutions to the problem.
  • These solutions are then discussed with the team and the best approaches are prototyped and tested, ensuring solutions are achievable with the engineering team.
  • Based on user testing, I refine the prototypes until they sufficiently solve the problem.
  • The best prototype is then refined for production and development.
  • During development, the production ready assets are exported and user flows are documented. To ensure the final product is what the team expects there is a continuous feedback loop between designer and developer.
  • We A/B test the new solution alongside the existing solution if it is required.

How I manage a team:

  • Everyone’s voice is heard and encouraged if a problem arises.
  • Making everyone aware of goals and deadlines.
  • Prioritize features based on effort and value and delegating based on skill set and the challenges team members are willing to take on.
  • Understanding each team member’s professional goals and helping to make them achievable.