Mail photos from your phone as beautiful postcards


Postagram is a simple postcard app with a few delightful surprises.

Being incredibly simple was a huge advantage for Postagram. A downside of that was a lack of personalization and less opportunities for us engage with our customers. We learned from Ink Cards that have seasonal cards allowed us to communicate with our customers throughout the year.

Goal: Add seasonal designs that are customizable, while keeping the core experience simple.

Customizable Designs

My Role: Project Manager

Problem: We wanted Postagram designs to be more customizeable than an Ink Card. We wanted the customer to be able to select any color they wanted for certain layers of the designs.

Solution: To do this we had to build a new process for designing cards. Working with our engineers we came up with a solution that involved the whole team: a card designer, a backend engineer, a frontend engineer, an Android engineer, and an iOS engineer.


Adding New Design Features to App

My Role: Product Design Manager

Problem: Give the customer multiple card design options and the ability to choose the color of certain elements on the design.

Solution: To maintain the simplicity of the app, while also offering more, we challenged ourselves to create an experience that is delightfully simple... We didn't force the new features on our customers. Instead we allowed them to discover them organically.