Sesame Gifts

A curated gifting app with an unboxing experience that will wow your lucky recipient.

sesameHero cropped v3.jpg

A few months into working at Sincerely I had the privilege of creating the identity for a brand new product! The app we built allowed you to to gift someone a special experience.

A few short months later, I designed the logo, the packaging, and the app experience from scratch.


My Role: Product Designer

The packaging was an integral part of the Sesame experience. We wanted the recipient to be delighted from the moment they received their Sesame gift. To enhance this moment we thoughtfully designed the shipping box so that the recipient would be delighted during every step of their unboxing.

I went through many iterations of the packaging design. The final design included a custom die cut on the sides of the box, a personalized greeting card, and an enjoyment guide specific to each gift set.

App Store Icon

My Role: Product Designer

We wanted to highlight our packaging through the App Store icon, the Sesame logo has changed through the years. We initially wanted it to highlight the distinct box that every gift came in. We later decided to simplify the App Store icon along with the rest of the app design language.

App Design

My Role: Product Designer

Our goal was to create an easy way to browse through and select a gift within our ever growing catalogue of curated gifts. We created categories based on gifting occasions and photographed the gifts in natural settings to help the customer visualize how the products relate to each other.